Basically, when people say that their efficiency cannot be measured, be aware that they're simply lying to you... We know it very well, thanks to our track record of thousands of individuals and companies helped!


Overall Local Accounting cost have been cut in half.

We have been utilizing IBN now for about 6months, initially we were reluctant to allow access to our sensitive information, but we soon overcame this challenges. We have been working closely with Aniket the entire time, he is our dedicated representative and we really enjoy his service. He stated by doing standard banking reconciling for all our accounts. This has graduated to Invoicing, Banking, A/R Reporting, Imports & Exports, weekly P&L & journal entries. Not only has this really helped us streamline our process, but our overall Local accounting cost have been cut in half.

The response time is often less than an Hour.

We have been with IBN for just short of year now, and we are extremely happy with the service. They provide support and back office accounts for us. The response time is often less than an hour and they have become instrumental in our daily running and have been able to tackle big projects without any problems. They are very professional, efficient and reliable and provide the results that we need, often on short notice. IBN are by far the best accountants I have worked with and I would highly recommend IBN for anyone looking for an accounts solution.

The team is incredibly responsive and the quality of work is wonderful

We've had the opportunity to work with IBN Tech for over a year now and really enjoy the services they provide. The team is incredibly responsive and the quality of work is wonderful ─ they are just an overall pleasure to work with.

Client is engaged in advising Fund Of Hedge Funds and providing technology facilitating the management of investment portfolios

After months of researching 100's of companies, visiting their offices, and extensive reference checks, we are extremely happy with our decision to select IBN. They have exceeded our expectations with consistent levels of specialized knowledge, quality, speed, and professionalism

Client is a leading Hedge Fund of Funds with AUM of USD 9.5 billion globally.

We are now entering the fourth year of our relationship with IBN. This has been a hugely rewarding and valuable transaction for us with IBN as they are now responsible for the maintenance of data covering over 70% of the funds within our proprietary Hedge Fund database.

The most compelling aspects of IBN's service are their professionalism and commitment to provide the highest standards of service possible. Each month we randomly samples over 300 funds to monitor the data maintained by IBN and I cannot recall IBN's accuracy ever falling below 99.5% throughout our entire relationship ─ infact IBN usually achieves 100% accuracy. The clearest indication of my satisfaction with the service provided is that I am currently considering further activities that can be outsourced to IBN.

Awesome job on a project and they did it over night

I just wanted to let you know that the team did an awesome job on a project and they did it over night. You can see that I gave them some guidance, but they were able to take what I gave them and give me back exactly what I was needing. And the format that the verification report came back in is terrific and is something I can share with the owner.

This is awesome and makes my job (actually an extra service we have been able to offer this company owner) easier to do. I am so glad that we have your company as a part of our team!! Have a great day!